Put Your Email to the Test

Is email marketing a part of your company’s overall marketing strategy? If it is – or even if you only send a few emails out per year – you should make testing a part of your process.

Most email client I can think of gives you the ability to test the email to ensure that it will display properly. Depending on the service, that functionality can be limited to only certain devices or browsers. I’ve found that sometimes we just want a quick idea of how an email looks, without having to set it up in our email client and send a test email.

PutsMail puts your email allows you to quickly test your HTML emails to get an idea of how it will display.

It’s free, which is always cool, and the site is beyond easy to use. Simply drop in your HTML email (any image has to be absolute – meaning it has to actually exist somewhere), and send it to your email. I sent an email to my work address (Outlook) and to my Gmail and saved some time in having to do it through our email client.

PutsMail was developed a couple of years ago and was acquired by an email testing and analytics firm, Litmus. Litmus doesn’t send your emails, but they help make sure the emails you do send are seen, read, and acted upon. PutsMail is perfect for quick email testing, but if you’re looking for enhanced testing and deep analytics, be sure to check out Litmus.