Broadview Homes


For Qualico, G.1440 succeeded where others failed. Their extensive technical knowledge, combined with business flexibility, proper planning, competitive pricing and listening to our needs have made it possible for us to implement systems that other developers were not able to deliver. I feel that we have a powerful business partner in G.1440 that constantly meets and exceeds our expectations and has made new and exciting technologies available to us. I am more than confident that G.1440 will be able to help us implement web technologies and services that will give us a competitive edge in the evolving and tough markets of the future. — Director of Information Technology

About the Client

Broadview Homes was founded over 25 years ago by a group of people who believed that the excitement of owning a home shouldn’t end when you walk out of the showroom. Equipped with this philosophy Broadview Homes set out to build houses that gave homeowners more while paying less. A philosophy that still holds true today.

Client Needs

Broadview required a central web solution that would integrate their ERP, MAP, and CRM with an enterprise level CMS, as well as provide a potential buyer with the ability to “Build Their Own Home”. G.1440 worked with Broadview to design a scalable solution. G.1440 then performed all the web design, integration and custom programming for the Build Your Own Home Module.

Services Provided

G.1440 provided all web design, software architecture and programming, integration development, configuration management, and cloud hosting management.

Services & Technologies

  • Design
  • Hosting
  • Mobile/Responsive Website