iPhone 6 is All the Rage

A topic that is near and dear to my heart, being a crazy Apple fan ever since I got the first iPhone back in Summer of 2007. We’ve been going strong for 7 years now, and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. I’ve had every iPhone that’s been released, and thinking how far they’ve come is amazing. Technology advances rapidly, but Apple is doing something right as they create the same hype every Fall, and have successfully done so for almost a decade. Even though I’m a diehard Apple fan, there is one thing I still haven’t and will never do – wait in line.

Why People Wait In Line For The iPhone

Fear of Missing Out

With such high demand, people are worried they won’t have the latest and greatest iPhone. They’ve been waiting 2 years for their contact with their wireless provider to become due for an upgrade, or for some super-Apple fans, they will pay out of pocket, which on average is around $1000 (the out-of-pocket price depends on which model they choose).

Turn a Profit

Say that I really, really want the new iPhone. My iPhone from last Fall just isn’t cutting it anymore, but the new iPhone 6 is coming out on a Friday and I have to be at work. How can I get the new phone? Pay someone to wait in line for me OR sell my reservation pass! A friend of mine works at an Apple Retail store and sold their reservation pass for $500. The reservation pass is basically a hold ticket for an iPhone. This Apple fan who bought the pass for $500 still has to wait in line. If they want to shell out even more cash, they can pay someone like Samuel in NYC who charges $25 for the first hour of waiting, and $20 for each additional hour. That way their spot in line is held for them, and they don’t have to do the waiting.

The Brand Relationship

78% of iPhone users “couldn’t imagine having a different type of phone.” Apple has cultivated a loyal following by building relationships with their customers.

Apple was also “genius” in the way they developed their operating system. By creating a seamless experience across all Apple devices, they’ve sunk their hooks into optimized the user experience. If you have one Apple device, you are 52% more likely to buy a second.

Social Status

One of the main reasons why people have to have the iPhone 6 is to enhance, or affirm, their social status. If you have the new iPhone 6, it represents more than just a new phone. It tells people that you either a) experienced waiting in line for the phone b) spent an arm and a leg to get it.

Full disclosure: I got the new iPhone the day it came out. No, I didn’t wait in line. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while to nice things – just don’t put the phone in the back pocket of your skinny jeans!

Sarah Engel is a Marketing Consultant at G.1440 who joined the team after graduating from Towson University with degrees in Business Administration and Electronic Business. She’s an infographic nut and a forever-long Apple fan. When she’s not behind one of her Apple devices, she is often found volunteering with her dog King, or heading to the beach for the weekend.