Siri, Meet Cortana

Siri has been a personality for Apple users to relate to since first “born” in October of 2011. Siri is a personal assistant that can do anything from schedule a meeting, make a phone call, or tell you if you’ll need an umbrella for the day. She has the capability of talking back to you whether you have a casual conversation or need specific direction on how to get somewhere. Microsoft has jumped on the bandwagon and now has a personal assistant for Android users. Her name is Cortana.

Cortana derives from the popular video game Halo, allowing people to put a face to the name. One of the biggest mysteries has been what Siri looks like. Siri’s identity was revealed 2 years ago when Susan Bennett from Atlanta, Georgia spoke up. Apple refused to confirm anything, but Susan said she was the voice behind Apple’s personal assistant.

Microsoft CortanaMicrosoft gave Cortana a face, so to speak, right away – there is no mystery here. Since Cortana is an already established face and name, this gives Microsoft an advantage to let Cortana take off and assist in selling their smartphones and tablets.

Whether you’re a start-up or a business that has been around for decades, marketing your products or services is an essential element of any growth strategy. And the benefits are probably quite obvious:

  • Drive sales
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build relationships with customers
  • Foster understanding of audience

Microsoft was smart by giving Cortana a face – people know who she is and what she looks like, which may positively influence how they identify with the brand.

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Sarah Engel is a Marketing Consultant at G.1440 who joined the team after graduating from Towson University with degrees in Business Administration and Electronic Business. She’s an infographic nut and a forever-long Apple fan. When she’s not behind one of her Apple devices, she is often found volunteering with her dog King, or heading to the beach for the weekend.