Strava and Apple Design the Newest Fashion Trend

Whenever Apple makes an announcement, it seems like the digital world stops. This week all thumbs quivered in anticipation of the release of details about the Apple Watch. A world away from Paris Fashion Week, the real haute accessory was being announced for technophiles. But, if you think this is a post about the Apple… read more →

Venmo Money, No Problems!

If you don’t already use some type of $700 million dollars in payments? Currently, they only have 70 full-time employees to handle these payments. I use peer-to-peer payment gateways, including Venmo, on a weekly basis – mainly because of their convenience. Have I ever had fraudulent activity? No, but it’s always in the back of… read more →

Social Media as Website Referral Traffic

Look at your website’s social referral traffic, and tell me what you see. Compared to five years ago, three years ago, even one year ago, has it gone up or down? Certainly there are exceptions, but by and large the amount of traffic driven to most websites from social media has increased over the past… read more →

Analytics? We’re Talking ‘Bout Analytics

Charles Barkley, NBA Hall-of-Famer and current NBA television “analyst,” has been known to provide a sound bite or two that can help lift an otherwise slow news day. Last week during their live show, the “Round Mound of Rebound” shredded the use of analytics by teams in the NBA, particularly the Houston Rockets. Reactions were… read more →