Should You Noindex Landing Pages?

Typically when you create and add new pages to your website – even pages that aren’t accessible through navigation or internal linking – search engines crawl and index them. One question we’ve fielded lately has been whether or not to use a “noindex” tag for landing pages, specifically those used in paid (PPC) campaigns. With… read more →

Bing Webmaster Tools: Don’t Forget About Us!

I realized recently that we talk a lot about Google and its associated products, which often means we forget that there are other games in town. My personal default mode is to explain things in terms of Google (Analytics, AdWords, Webmaster Tools), but just because it’s free, and most people seem to understand it, doesn’t… read more →

Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools

Most people are familiar with, or at least have heard of, Google Analytics. They can likely explain what it is, and if they sat down for 15 minutes, they could probably figure out the basics. Fewer people, it seems, are familiar with Google Webmaster Tools. Besides offering advanced search query detail, it gives webmasters valuable… read more →

Don’t Block the Bots

Have you ever searched for something in Google and received a result that looked like this: This particular website has set up a robots.txt file that is not allowing web crawlers to access information on their site for indexing. It’s possible they did it intentionally, but far more likely that it was an oversight. For… read more →