Mobile First Web Design

Part of good website design is to consider the needs of the end user, particularly how they’re accessing the Internet. As the mobile web continues to grow both in speed and acceptance, G.1440 designs websites with “mobile first” in mind. Responsive web design is more than just a trend, it’s now considered a standard practice. If you aren’t familiar with the term, a responsive website adapts to the size of its viewing environment. In other words, resizes itself automatically if you’re viewing on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

The advantages to your business with this approach include:

  • Improved Customer Experience – Will enhance customer satisfaction and keep visitors coming back
  • Improved Search Engine Ranking – Search engines factor the time it takes for a website to load into their ranking algorithm. Responsive websites load faster.
  • Increased Customer Conversions – A streamlined experience that recognizes the needs of a mobile user will drive action on your site.

It’s critical that businesses account for where and how their customers are accessing their website. The difference in a lead or a sale can often be due to whether it was easy for the customer to be led to action. More importantly, it can determine whether they’ll visit your website again in the future.

Don’t get left behind. Contact us to discuss how a responsive website can improve your online business.