We Design and Build Mobile and Responsive Websites.

When people visit your website, what will they find?

If you could capture your customers’ attention with an engaging mobile website that provides a clean user experience, how would that benefit your business?

You don’t need statistics to tell you what you already know: your customers are using mobile devices to access the Internet more and more each day.

G.1440 understands that the needs of mobile users are different than those of traditional desktop users.

Smartphone Growth

  • In early 2014, Mobile Internet usage surpassed that of desktop usage
  • More than half of all local searches take place now on mobile devices

Let us define the breakpoints so your site doesn’t break.

Mobile users are on the go, they want specific information, and they want it fast. They don’t need to access every bit of information on your site, and don’t want to spend time searching for it. We start by identifying your mobile customers and what information they’re looking for when they visit your website. Then we build a responsive mobile site to support your users’ unique needs.

G.1440’s mobile design team can help.

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