Sitefinity and G1440:

Sitefinity CMS Development
Sitefinity is a powerful content management system chosen by global organizations such as Microsoft, Visa and BASF to manage their web properties. Sitefinity’s scalable platform makes it the perfect solution for any size organization.

The built-in business tools help drive customers to your website while enabling you to capture their attention with personalized content. Intuitive drag-and-drop widgets and inline page editing mean you won’t need an army of developers to make edits to your website.

G.1440’s team of web designers and Sitefinity developers is ready to discuss your business goals and determine if Sitefinity is the right CMS for your organization. Read some of the benefits of the Sitefinity platform and contact us to get your project started!

Why Our Clients Choose Sitefinity:

  • Mobile Ready
    Sitefinity’s Mobile CMS platform can adapt to any mobile strategy, whether you need a mobile website, responsive website or mobile app.
  • Built-in SEO
    Leverage Sitefinity’s integrated SEO tools to boost your organic ranking, enabling your customers to find you when they search for what you do.
  • Custom Messaging
    Sitefinity enables you to personalize your customers’ visit to your website with content tailored to their needs, and provides intuitive segmentation and testing capabilities.

Additional Features of Sitefinity CMS:

Quick, Easy Edits
Sitefinity’s content management system is powerful enough to run enterprise-level websites, but is easy enough to manage that any user in the organization can make edits to page content and digital documents.

Visitor Data
Sitefinity has woven Google Analytics into its dashboard to allow you to quickly see where your traffic is coming from and what pages they’re visiting. This data will help you make improvements to enhance the user experience and focus on getting the right message to the right visitors at the right time.

Social Media Management
Strapped for time and resources? Sitefinity’s flexible social media management tools allow you to publish directly to your Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as pushing blog content. You can also manage and moderate user forums and comments to cultivate a relationship with your customers.

eCommerce Made Easy
If your business sells products online, whether physical or digital, Sitefinity’s eCommerce solution makes it easy for you to manage your online shop. Personalize your customers’ experience with contextual product recommendations. Manage inventory, run campaigns and grow sales while providing your customers with a superior online purchasing experience.

Contact G.1440 today to discuss how leveraging the Sitefinity CMS can get your online business rolling!